In Our Nursery

                                               WE ARE EXPECTING NEW BABIES THIS SPRING 2022,                                                WHICH I WILL POST AS SOON AS THE BREEDINGS ARE CONFIRMED

For future litters expected, the names of the sire and dam along with the anticipated  birthing date 

are listed below,

Pricing is as follows;

Scottish Folds are $2500

Scottish Folds with blue eyes $3500

 Scottish Shorthair (Straight Ear) $2500 

Scottish Straights with Blue Eyes $3000

British Shorthair $2500 

GST will be added to prices above

Deposit to reserve a kitten is $500 and is non-refundable should you change your mind, this is of course once you have picked your kitten.

Breeding rights are not generally sold in Canada  

I post frequently on Instagram with videos and photos. My Instagram account is Miyagiscottishfolds

I also post frequently on my Facebook page. My Facebook Page is Miyagi Scottish Fold Kittens of Alberta

If you are interested in getting on our waiting list please fill out an Adoption Application.

Please contact us for any enquiries

Haddie and Quasar's babies were born on April 4th. We  have 2 lilac bicolour Folded Males available. 


Eevee and Zion had  a litter of 5 British Shorthairs, we currently have 1 black males available.


Isabelle and Zion's were born April 21st. We welcomed 4 babies.
Currently we have 1 blue straight ear male available