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For future litters expected, the names of the sire and dam along with the anticipated  birthing date 

are listed below,

Pricing is as follows;

Scottish Folds & Scottish Shorthair $2500 plus gst

British Shorthair $2500 plus gst

Deposit to reserve a kitten is $100 and is non-refundable should you change your mind.

Breeding rights are not generally sold in Canada 

I have made some changes to my waitlist. Breeding is not always easy, we can have litters, but nature has set its own course and colors produced can never be promised as well as litter size…. so here are new rules of the waitlist to make things go smoothly and efficiently. For those who have the $500 deposit already paid you are still on the top of the list, this is only for newcomers.

1. To be added to the Waitlist, send the NON-REFUNDABLE $100 to

2. If you want to be on the waitlist and you are wanting for a very specific color and sex it needs to be noted in the description, so I can just pass through you and not waste anyone’s time.

3. I will be giving each person on my wait list 1 day to decide if they want a certain kitten that is available. If you choose to pass you will still be eligible for the next available litter.

4. The deposit goes towards the balance of your kitten.

5. I am going to open 10 spots on the waitlist for British Shorthair, and 5 for the Scottish Folds.

6. When you send the deposit, please put your name address and cell phone number in the description and what type of kitten you want. And then send us a message so we can confirm.

7. Once the kitten is picked the remainder of the deposit, $400 is due and is also NON-REFUNDABLE unless the kitten passes away in my care.


We must keep the waitlist going! When we get stuck on the list for more than 24 hours it is not fair to us or anyone waiting behind you. Please value our time as this is a huge process for us.

It is “Pick or Pass” I will not show kittens to you unless they meet your specifications. I will not be contacting anyone until kittens are at least two weeks old, please understand that anything can happen in the first two weeks.  


Kathleen Caswell



Paris and Quasar's babies are due at the beginning of May 2021

Currently all babies are reserved



London and Quasar's babies are due at the end of May 2021

This breeding will only produce Scottish Shorthairs. 

We will not have any more British Shorthair kittens available until the fall 3

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